Menus and Pricing:

Meal prices and menus are available on the Eugene 4J website.


Federal School Lunch Program:

If your child(ren) participated in the Federal School Lunch Program last year or if you would like to apply for this year:

  • Returning students to the program must complete a NEW form at the beginning of the school year. Complete one form per family including all your children enrolled in 4J schools, no matter what other program you have been accepted to. Click here to apply online.
  • If a NEW form is not complete, you will be dropped from the program and charged full price for all meals.
  • Those new to the program must also complete one form per family, including all your children enrolled in 4J schools. Please be aware that applications can take up to 10 days to process.
  • You are considered approved when you have received a letter from Food Services stating that you are now a part of the program. Until that time, you are responsible to provide meals for your child either from home or paying full price for them at school.
  • While on the Federal Lunch Program, your student is not allowed to purchase only a milk or juice. They must either purchase the whole meal or bring cash from home to purchase only the beverage to accompany a sack lunch from home.


Account Balance:

  • Lunch slips are sent home every Friday for those student’s with a balance of less than $5.00. Please check your child’s backpack! This should give you enough time for a payment to be posted before your child needs to charge. If there is a minus sign in front of the dollar amount, you have a negative balance that needs to be made current.
  • Pay for meals online, with a major credit card at Mealtime Online. Sign-up by using your child’s student ID number, which is available by calling 541-790-7656. There is a 5% processing charge for all on-line payments that goes directly to the credit card company.
  • Pay for meals with cash or check payments directly to the kitchen in the morning before classes begin. Make checks payable to: 4J Food Services.
  • All account balances (negative or positive) are carried over to the following school year, even if the student is moving onto middle school.